As a visual artist, my work stems from being an avid explorer of my environment, where ever I may be. For this 5- plus week residency I intend on mapping the centers, and surrounding areas of Oaxaca and Puebla primarily by foot, opening my senses to the colors, smells, textures and people of this a foreign environment. Although my Spanish is fairly limited, I am determined to establish a sincere relationship with this new place, and in turn, plan on creating a site-specific art installation reflecting my experience. This blog will serve as a collection of data as well as a journal recording of my day to day episodes.

Monday, October 7, 2013

The hard part- finding a location to install.

I've spent the last week finishing up my project. It was crunch time so everyday I had something I needed to fine tune, and also, I still needed to find a location to install my piece in the public.
I'm so excited to say that I found an awesome location, right near Santo Domingo, and really close to Arquetopia as well. I chose this wall, not only because of its centralized location with a lot of foot traffic, but because it had another mural by a couple of artists from Argentina right down the way. This meant they was hope for receiving permission (as this usually pretty tricky to do in downtown Oaxaca since you have to get permission from the city.)

I was also pretty excited to have my piece by Hot Sauce, aka Drippy tits aka Bad Dad ;)

The spot...

the awesome mural by an Argentinian duo
Once I found this wall, I was totally set on getting it, but I had to face the daunting fact of getting permission from the Municipal... and somehow, by some miracle, I was granted permission by the mayor's assistant himself. It probably had to do with Steve and I's extraordinary professionalism! Anyhow, it worked, and I'm stoked.

Part of my proposal for getting the wall was that I would paint over the graffiti on my section, which I did: sorry drippy tits... but at least I left your hot sauce.

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